Mecano Unlimited-Erector Set Rebuild (2014)

Mecano Unlimited-Erector Set Rebuild (2014)

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Artist: Erector Set (Dirk Polak, Mick Ness)
Label: Out Of Print 
Format: Vinyl / CD
Released: 1997 / Re-mastered 2014
Genre: Alternative
Style: New Wave, Art Rock, Avantgarde

A1 Single Splits
A2 Pilar
A3 Tabou d’Esprit
A4 Uncompromising Love
A5 Dusty Soul
B1 R & B
B2 Tsjernobyl
B3 Some September Siberia
B4 Indoor Forest
B5 Soft Pioneers ImplodeTracklist

Dirk Polak: Vocals Accordion
Mick Ness: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drumprograms, Vocals
Esther Apituley: Violin on Tabou d’Esprit
Marian Rolle: Vocals on Dusty Soul
Hans Dagelet: Trumpet on Dusty Soul and Indoor Forest

Music by: Dirk Polak and Mick Ness
Lyrics by: Dirk Polak, except Tsjernobyl by Mick Ness

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