Mecano Unlimited (2016)

Mecano Unlimited (2016)

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Artist: Mecano UnlimitedLabel: Out Of Print Records
Format:CD, Vinyl
Released: 2016
Genre: Rock,
Style: New Wave,  Post-Punk

1.   Spiral Of Obstruction (Cello by Charlie Chan
2.   Serialized City
3.   The Escapist
4.   Waterloo Sunset (written by Raymond Douglas Davies)
5.   Sentimental Strut Blues (Trumpet by Hans Dagelet)
6.   Spurs Of Byron
7.   Kazum (Electric Violin by Esther Apituley)
8.   All Suits One Case
9.   Satement Of The Artist As An Old Man (Drums by Sin)
10. Some Say Unwillingly (for Beatrice)

Producer; Dirk Polak,  Mick Ness
Written by : Dirk Polak (except track 4),  Mick Ness (except track 4)
Vocals, Lyrics :Dirk Polak
Perform, recording: Mick Ness

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