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Artist: Sexepil
Label: WeAST Prod.
Format: Cassette
Country: Hungary
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk, New Wave, Alternative Rock

A1- Desire
A2- Son Of A God
A3- Tsjemobil
A4- Love Is On
A5- The Wind (Psychedelic Version)
A6- Angel
B1- Wonder Boy
B2- Paradise
B3- Take Us Home Again
B4- Eta (Lyric by Czeller Peter, Music by UK Subs, Vocal by Czeller Peter)
B5- Oh, Darling (Lyric, Vocal by Hegy Zoltan)
B6-Rebel Yell-Psychedelic Version (Written by B.Idel, S. Stevens)

Lyrics by – Mick Ness (A1~A5, B1~B3)
Music by – Sexepil (A1~A5, B1~B3, B5)
Producer – Sexepil
Vocals, Guitar – Mick Ness
Bass, Backing vocals – Viktor Laszlo
Drums – Tibor Vangel
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Tamas Kocsis

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